Choosing your underlay

December 1, 2022
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Choosing your underlay

How to select the right kind of underlay for your specific situation?
In choosing the right kind of underlay you should focus on the following factors:

Where is the new flooring applied?

In a wide hall or room with plenty of hard faced surfaces, sound reflection can easily reach annoying levels. These so called drum sounds need to be effectively reduced by your underlay

When you want to enrich your apartment with parquet or laminate floor, or you are applying it in a multi story environment, impact sound reduction is the single most important factor you want to address.

If the new solid flooring is placed on ground floor, the barrier your underlay creates against the long term damaging effects of water and water vapour plays a significant role in choosing your Envoy product.

When applying underlay on an uneven base, as for instance a concrete floor in a newly build house or an old wooden floor in a restoration project, the thickness of the underlay and its capacity to conform is essential for creating the smooth surface so important in solid flooring.

If you have chosen for underfloor heating, make sure your underfloor has a high thermal resistance and allows the heat to spread evenly under your wooden flooring.

Furthermore, please look at the compressive strength of your underlay, as this prevents damage to the tongue and groove system of your laminate floor in the case of puncture loads.