Do solid wood floors use moisture-proof underlay ?

September 19, 2022
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Do solid wood floors use moisture-proof underlayment?

1. The answer is yes, when laying the floor at home, we must lay a moisture-proof underlay, whether it is a solid wood floor or not, underlayment  is a moisture-proof treatment for the ground, which makes our floor more durable.


2. Moreover, the cost of laying moisture-proof membrane  underlay is not high, and the laying process is relatively simple, but the benefits are very obvious. It can protect the ground in the home from moisture and rot, especially for the relatively easy-to-rot solid wood floor.It is a necessary step to lay underlayment.


3. If there is no moisture-proof underlay in the home, the damp air may diffuse into the home, which affects not only the ground, but also the walls may be damp and cause mold and the like, which is particularly troublesome. It's not good for the human body either!