Floor mats (underlays) for SPC flooring

October 18, 2022
Latest company news about Floor mats (underlays) for SPC flooring

Floor mats (underlays) for SPC flooring

We know that the hardness of spc floor is between wood floor and ceramic tile, so it is generally necessary to process a floor mat at the bottom to enhance the sense of feet. Most of the samples seen this time are equipped with 1-2mm thick IXPE floor mats.


As a matter of fact, when we lay wooden floors, businesses will also add floor mats, just because this kind of thing belongs to auxiliary materials and will be ignored. In fact, there are many kinds of floor mats, including EVA foam, EPE pearl cotton, XPE, IXPE, cork, etc. I will elaborate on the following articles.


IXPE is actually polyethylene material. In short, we know that it is environment-friendly and non-toxic material. In addition, it has a flame retardant effect, which is both moisture-proof and water-proof. It is laid at the bottom to prevent the floor from rubbing with the cement floor to achieve a buffer and mute effect.


Among these samples, we also saw cork floor mats, which are very advanced configurations. Usually, we will see them in high-end SPC floors exported to Europe and the United States. The cork SPCs made by LM can be sold for 500/600 flat. Stepping on them is actually the feeling of the foot of the wood floor, but it is not waterproof.


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