October 19, 2022
Latest company news about HOW TO REDUCE THE FLOOR SOUND

Floor sound insulation method I

A layer of high volume weight glass wool damping cushion is laid on the structural floor slab and then a 40mm thick concrete floor is made. The weighted impact sound pressure level can be less than 60dB.

Floor sound insulation method II

The ground is paved with river stone+sand, and then ground with 3cm cement, and then the floor is paved. Of course, if the wooden floor is overhead nailed into a cavity, it will have a good absorption capacity for frequencies below 100Hz, and the low frequency effect of the sound will be very good. However, paving small stones under the floor can just fill the gap that is easy to cause standing waves and co shocks, and even the disadvantages of wooden floors can be overcome.

Floor sound insulation method III

To make things easier, place 5cm thick sound-absorbing cotton between the grid lines on the ground keel first, and then place 8mm thick carpet after the floor is paved.