Is the floor underlay with aluminum film special for heating the floor

March 2, 2023
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1.Is the floor underlay with aluminum film special for heating the floor

In the surface radiation heating system, the heat transfer is mainly radiation, followed by convection, and finally conduction. If the ground is covered with aluminum foil, the reverse radiation is formed. Under the condition that the temperature of the ground heating surface is the same, the thermal resistance of the foam pad with aluminum film is large, while the thermal resistance of the ordinary foam pad is small.Obviously, ordinary foam pads have a better heat transfer effect than foam pads with aluminum film, more conducive to heat transfer from the floor to the room. Therefore, the user in the purchase of heating floor, should choose small thermal resistance, wet resistance, good corrosion resistance material cushion to lay.


2.Does the thicker the floor, the better the insulation?

Wood is a poor conductor, if the floor thickness is too thick, it is not conducive to heat conduction through the floor to the surface, and are consumed in the conduction process. As for insulation, the temperature difference between the floor and the floor is very large, which is bound to lead to floor deformation. "Thermal expansion and cold contraction" and "wet expansion and dry contraction" will cause floor ladle, torsion, bending and cracking, and dimensional stability can not be guaranteed.


3.Is the geothermal heating floor too wide?

Because the floor in the use of environment, easy to wet expansion dry contraction, from the seam, not to mention in the case of heating the floor, because of the faster moisture distribution, it is more likely to appear the phenomenon of floor from the seam. Therefore, experts suggest that consumers in the purchase of geothermal heating floor as far as possible not to buy large specifications of the floor.


4.Can only suspension laying method?

Due to the special structure of the geothermal heating system, the cement floor can not be nailed when paving the floor. Therefore, for a long time, most of the pavement of geothermal floor only recognize the suspension laying method, in fact, with the continuous progress of science and technology, there is a quick keel on the market, so that the air can be convection on the floor, conducive to the circulation of heat convection, and make the floor heat more uniform, small deformation, the room thermal efficiency is higher.


5.After the completion of the need for environmental acceptance?

Geothermal flooring, after heating, exacerbates the release of formaldehyde. Therefore, after paving the geothermal heating floor, it is necessary to do environmental acceptance to ensure that the release of free formaldehyde meets the standard provisions (the national standard is 1.5mg/L).


6.Can I put legless furniture on it?

Furniture, carpet and floor directly cover a large area, will make the floor here due to heat can not disperse, too concentrated and lead to uneven heat floor, resulting in deformation of the floor, waste heat energy, reduce the temperature of the room.  




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