What is paved under the wood floor?

September 27, 2022
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The pads under the wooden floor are generally moisture-proof underlay. Now, a moisture-proof underpad will be laid before the floor is laid, which can prevent moisture and water, and the sense of security will be very good when using the wooden floor.  


1. What is the pad under the wooden floor?

The mat under the floor is called a moisture barrier underlay. The main function of the moisture-proof membrane is moisture-proof and waterproof underlay. In addition, the moisture-proof membrane can also play the role of sound insulation and balance the potholes on the ground, making the ground smoother and facilitating subsequent construction. Moisture-proof underlay is indispensable in the construction process, but if you buy a moisture-proof underlayof substandard quality, this situation will not only not work, but also have a great impact on future use, so you must not buy a moisture-proof underlay when you buy it. Too cheap product.



2. Does the wooden floor need a moisture-proof mat?

Yeah, need. Moisture-proof pads can not only relieve the discomfort caused by sleeping on uneven ground, but also reduce the heat lost by the human body due to heat conduction during sleep.

Even in summer, the temperature of the earth's surface is still lower than that of the air. When a person touches the ground, conduction will bring the heat of the human skin to the ground, causing the skin to lose energy and produce a cold feeling. Therefore, people need moisture-proof mats to help people self-isolate without temperature loss due to energy loss.

1. The floor structure must be arranged at the end of all decorations to prevent other structures from damaging the painted surface;

2. The paved floor must be dry and flat;

3. Before installing the floor, a layer of anti-moth powder must be sprinkled on the ground.




3. How thick is the wood floor moisture-proof film?

The moisture-proof underlay of the wooden floor does not need to be too thick, generally 2mm  to 3 mm. The thickness of the floor is different, and the price is also different, mainly depends on the height of the ground.


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