What material is the wood floor moisture-proof underlayment

September 19, 2022
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1.Underlay Play the role of moisture-proof

Clear the function of wood floor moisture-proof mat. The main function of the wooden floor moisture-proof underlay is to prevent moisture and keep warm. Since the moisture-proof mat is waterproof, it can play the role of moisture barrier. The wooden floor moisture-proof underlay  is the interlayer between the floor and the ground. It is laid close to the ground and mainly plays the role of moisture-proof, protecting the floor, increasing elasticity and leveling the ground.


2. Underlay is not the thicker the better

Do not lay the wood floor moisture barrier too thick. When laying laminate floors, it should be noted that the thicker the floor underlay is, the better. Too thick floor underlayment  have a lot of room for manoeuvre. Too much elasticity will crack the floor joints and even cause the tenons to break. If the floor mat is too thin, the effect of moisture-proof and cushioning is relatively weakened, the elasticity is poor, it cannot play the due leveling effect, and the foot feels bad.


3. Underlay is to cover the entire wooden keel

In order to prevent the water vapor on the wall from being transmitted to the wooden floor, when laying the moisture-proof underlay  , not only should the entire wooden keel be covered, but also the moisture-proof pad should be left about 10CM upward along the corner of the wall. At the same time, an expansion joint of 8-12CM should also be left between the wooden floor and the wall, and it should not be laid too tightly.