Why Laminate Floor Need Underlay

November 10, 2022
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Hearing loud noises in your home or business can be annoying. If you are tired of hearing your floors clank or creak when people are walking or can easily hear noises transmitted throughout your home then it’s time to do something. That’s why adding noise reduction underlay is the perfect solution. They are easy to install, provide sound absorption, and most of them provide a protective moisture barrier too. These noise reduction underlays are specifically designed to use under laminates and hardwood floors.


Noise reduction underlay provides a barrier between your subfloors and your flooring to help dampen ambient noises. In addition, it provides a cushion to alleviate creaks and clanking on laminate flooring. While laminate flooring offers many benefits, the thinner material can unfortunately allow for greater transmission of noise. The underlayment helps deaden acoustics and sound vibrations to help block ambient noises, like TV or music playing in other rooms of the house. They can also help minimize impact sounds like jumping, running or items dropped on the floor above.